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Best Customers Clubs

Advanced Technology

Providing technological services and " solutions for the operation of loyalty programs and consumer clubs, which include interfaces in about 1500 businesses awarding different types of benefits. In addition to the technology which allows for realizations and benefits, there is also management technology which submits reports and realizations to the clients. The updated technology enables inspection, monitoring, and data retention, alongside learning the realizations percentage, and developing creative ideas to increase the percentage at all times.

Information Security

Dolce Vita complies with the strictest security stipulations in the world, and has a PCI and Level 1 D55 PCI. that are the strictest in the field of money and credit defrayal in the banking arena. The site is secured by an SSL protocol. and all ofthe information is encrypted and concealed. Nonetheless, No credit information is saved in the company's data banks. Client preservation and management to casual customers as well The Dolce Vita Company has over ten years experience with client preservation and management. The various technologies, which are adapted to every type of platform (including cellular) are updated and offered for ‘one—off‘ measures to casual customers as well. The Dolce Vita technology department prizes itself with its programmers, data systems engineers and computer personnel, who have the task of creating internet and cellular processes in a short length of time. These processes will be connected to the reporting and risk management system. Among other things, the technology allows for benefit cards, realization possibilities on different platforms, secured defrayal solutions and creating short and long term processes on a schedule suitable for the clients.


A digital platform — For recharging funds. The reusable gift card system, enables performing controlled and budgeted recharges and defrayal. The clients can actively supervise their account between realizations to manage balances 'ON—LINE'. The system was developed by the Dolce Vita team and is adapted to the various client needs: Rx, A club-card or one—time benefits for various club members. The technology allows for defrayal of fund at end points online. The card is adapted to the various technologies in the clients' cash boxes, and can be automatically recharged by the consumer ciubs' managers and the managing team of Dolce Vita.