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DolceVita specializes in the establishment, management and operation of consumer and customer clubs, as well as in the development of loyalty programs and their suitability to different types of clientele.
The company provides strategy services, planning and implementation opposite large entities in the market's leading sectors: Banks, Celluiar, Consumer retail chains, Ministries, Local Authorities, Credit Card Companies and more.
Professionalism, technological capabilities, strategy, innovation, understanding the clients' needs, adapting the solutions and providing services for each of the clients are some of Dolce Vita‘s advantages as a company which exists primarily to provide preservation and loyalty programs to a wide variety of clients.
The company has an experienced risk management and customer preservation departments — from the most advanced in the world.
The company's every activity is accompanied by an advanced and updated entity of information security, which allows it to create an 'ON LINE' benefit realization, as well as daily tracking and reporting service in real—time both for suppliers as well as for clients.

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