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Best Customers Clubs

Dolce Vita combines strategy, consultation, technological capabiiities and field implementation:

Strategy and consultation - At the base of preparing a loyalty plan, Dolce Vita advises the company for the purpose of coordinating the technological systems with the man power available. Clients from different sectors receive consultation services on a regular basis, and these services are backed by work plans, recommendations and updates in accordance with the various tasks. The marketing strategy is designed on the basis of a detailed definition of the company's targets, both in terms of image as well as commercially, and is custom constructed for each project according to its goals. When examining the strategy, we will make use both of the information from the risk management department, as well as the accumulated experience of the Dolce Vita staff.

Advanced Technology - Providing technological services and " solutions for the operation of loyalty programs and consumer clubs, which include interfaces in about 1500 businesses awarding different types of benefits. In addition to the technology which allows for realizations and benefits, there is also management technology which submits reports and realizations to the clients. The updated technology enables inspection, monitoring, and data retention, alongside learning the realizations percentage, and developing creative ideas to increase the percentage at all times.

Trade and Content Management - The Dolce Vita commercial department has agreements pertaining to benefits with thousands of businesses country wide. The company constitutes a considerable buying power, and together with its fortitude and integrity, award advantages which allow for the achievement of attractive benefits, suited for different types of clientele. The successful co—operations with a variety of suppliers, together with excellent communication skills, give the company an advantage in conjunction with business and private clients alike. All this is obtained while supervising reports, risk management and their extensive know—how of the field originating in the company's years of experience.