DolceVita - Best Customers Clubs

Dolce Vita specializes in the establishment, management and operation of consumer clubs, as well as in the development of loyalty programs and their suitability to various types of Clientele.
The company provides strategy services, planning and implementation opposite large entities in the market's leading sectors: Banks, Credit Card Companies, Cellular, Consumer retail chains, Ministries, Local Authorities, and more.

Cutting Edge Technological Solutions
The Dolce Vita Company provides supporting solutions during strategic marketing processes and combines advanced technological solutions, which are adapted to the clients' various A systems, and various end user interfaces.

The Dolce Vlta Company has been around for more than a decade and has extensive experience in commerce and in identifying unique benefits for a large variety of customers.
The company has service agreements with over 1500 different businesses in Israel that are subordinate to the law of information security and regulations in the different sectors, and that are legally represented.

Our Customers